Actor’s Life: Rehearsals, Rehearsals, Rehearsals

Taste of YEA Gala 2015

How many hours of rehearsal are going into preparation for the Taste of YEA Gala? So far we have practiced 146 hours! By the time we get to Aug. 8th we will have practiced about 200 hours for a 2hr show. Don’t you want to see the result of our 200 hours of work? Get tickets at http://www.tickets.rialtocenter.org

Brave New Voices Wednesday July 15th at 6pm

Brave New Voices Actress Jordan Rice

Actress Jordan Rice will be performing with her Youth Ensemble Of Atlanta friends on Wednesday, July 15th. 6-9pm. Glenn Memorial Church in Atlanta. Get tickets at BraveNewVoices.org

And… Tickets are NOW ON SALE for the Summer’s Premier Event! Get Taste of YEA Gala Tickets Here

Taste of YEA 25th Anniversary Gala

Memes By Me!

Everybody loves to post memes on Facebook and Instagram so I decided to make some of my own. You can use them if you like!

Jordan Rice meme1 unnamed unnamed-1

Photography by Terry Kiser. Contact Terry on Twitter: @musicman_tk on IG: @therealt.k on FB: Terry Kiser