Monday Is Coming!

It’s Memorial Day Weekend and I have a song to share with you! This is your feel good song to get you up and moving and it comes in 2 different flavors – the new Teen Pop version by new artist Mary Rene Quarles and the original Soulful version by my mom, Dana Rice. Mary Rene and I have been friends since she was in 4th grade and I was in 5th grade. I’m so glad to have been able to sing background on both recordings!

And here’s my mom’s version:

I just know you’re gonna want to put this song on repeat, so grab you download at iTunes, or Amazon now in time for this weekend’s BBQ!

White Woman In Progress


The time is so perfect for this show! Tara Ochs, who played the role of Viola Liuzzo, has created an opportunity for an open and honest look at what’s usually not talked about openly. Get in on the conversation about privilege, race and social justice by being in the audience on March 30th at 8pm. How easy is that? Bring a friend or neighbor who you’ve wanted to have the conversation with but didn’t know how! I’ll be participating in the Talk Back after the show that night. Get your tickets at


Empowering Girls: A Lady Named Pearl Modeling Academy

Check out A Lady Named Pearl Modeling Academy at