This Is My Only Chance

ActressJordanRice in BNVI know you’re probably thinking how could this be the ONLY chance somebody as young as me has to do something. Well, it’s true this IS my ONLY chance to be in the 25th Anniversary Celebration of YEA as an active member. By the time another 25th anniversary comes I will be way grown and maybe MY kid will be an active member. So, THIS is my ONLY chance. That’s why it has to be a great show – and it will be! That’s also why YOU have to come, or send a congratulations card with a donation to YEA. I haven’t even lived 25 years so I know that’s a long time for anything especially for an arts organization.

To purchase your $35 tickets for the Taste of YEA Gala on August 8th, 2015 go to

To send a congratulations card with a donation to YEA, here is the address:

Youth Ensemble of Atlanta

9 Gammon Avenue

Atlanta, GA 30315

To learn more about YEA go to

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