show creators & cast talk about Apple Tv+’s “Swagger”

Show creator, Reggie Rock Bythewood with the Swagger Cast at the Premiere in NYC. Photo Credit: Marion Curtis for AppleTV+
Cast members speak with NBA star Kevin Durant at the premiere of Swagger in NYC

Get Into It is a show created by two black girls (Actress Jordan Rice and Ambree Robinson) who grew up in white suburban Georgia. The two discuss the unique experience that is growing up black in a predominantly white area. As they explore topics through the lens of young black people, they strive to be a relatable voice to others in a similar position.

"Not the Time to Experiment" Get Into It

In this episode, Jordan and Ambree discuss Thanksgiving in black households. They talk everything from food staples to what not to do when invited to someone's Thanksgiving.  CONNECT WITH US: Instagram – Here! TikTok – Here! YouTube – Here! I Want A Hoodie – Here! Website: #GetIntoItPodcast #ThatGirlBeActing — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. "Not the Time to Experiment"
  2. Am I Palatable Yet?
  3. Jordan Got Swagger
  4. Minstrelsy, But Make It Fashion
  5. We're Officially Liberated!

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